Three Factors To Consider Before Buying Lights For Your Truck's Running Board

20 September 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you have ever slipped out of your truck in the middle of the night, you may already be familiar with the occasional hazards of an unlit running board. This can be a particular problem if you work in the dark or carry shorter passengers frequently, but, thankfully, it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to fix. Besides being a safety feature, running board lights can also improve the appearance of your truck and augment your other lights. These are the three most important decisions you will need to make before you purchase and install running board lights for your truck. 

Double Checking Your State Laws

Truck lights come in a variety of colors and levels of brightness, but some states are more restrictive about what is permitted on the road. Blue, red and green lights, for example, are banned in many states, because they are reserved for emergency and official vehicles. White and amber lights tend to be the most popular options for running board lights and similar fixtures, but you may have other options as well. Check your local regulations to determine what colors are and are not accepted on your state's roads. 

Choosing Between Separate Lights or a New Running Board

Another point to consider is whether you would rather have your lights installed as a separate kit or integrated into the running board itself. If you already have a running board, you may want to factor in its current condition. If your existing steps are worn slick and scuffed, it may be time for an upgrade anyways. If, on the other hand, your running board is still fairly new, you might be better off buying a separate light kit. Overall, boards with integrated lights tend to look sleeker and may be easier to install. Talk to your automotive supplier to learn about the options available to you. 

Buying the Right Lights for Your Needs

Many truck owners simply want running board lights to watch where they step on a dark or rainy day. These lights can, however, also be used to increase the visibility of your truck while braking or turning. They may be a little more complicated to install, but these lights can make your truck significantly more visible in poor light conditions. If you like the idea of illuminating the underside of your truck but still aren't sure which lights would look and function best, don't hesitate to call your local truck specialists for a professional and customized opinion.