Using A Tow Dolly On Your Road Trip

25 August 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Having the opportunity to travel the country in an RV can be exciting. If you are planning a road trip in an RV and you want to ensure that you will still have access to your personal vehicle while you are away from home, then investing in a tow dolly can be beneficial.

Here are two tips you can use to ensure your personal vehicle doesn't sustain any damage while you are hauling it using a tow dolly in the future.

1. Check the tire pressure on your personal vehicle.

Before loading your personal vehicle onto a tow dolly, it's essential that you take the time to check the tire pressure of each tire on your vehicle.

Some travelers are tempted to reduce the tire pressure in order to help the straps holding a vehicle onto a tow dolly fit better. This practice could throw off the balance of the vehicle, making it less likely to travel smoothly behind your RV as you drive down the roadway.

Always check your user's manual for the manufacturer's suggested tire pressure, then adjust the tire pressure on your personal vehicle to reflect this recommendation before loading it onto a tow dolly.

2. Disconnect the driveshaft.

Having an all-wheel drive vehicle can make it easier to navigate less-than-perfect road conditions, but these vehicles can sustain serious damage if not properly prepared for towing.

While most people know that a towed vehicle must be placed in neutral to prevent serious transmission damage, few take the time to realize that disconnecting the driveshaft is an essential safety measure that must be taken to prevent transmission damage when towing an all-wheel drive vehicle.

The transmissions in these vehicles are more closely connected to each axle than in a regular vehicle, so a total disconnection of the driveshaft will prevent the rotation of your car's tires during towing from overloading the transmission and causing serious damage. If you don't feel comfortable disconnecting the driveshaft on your own, have an experienced mechanic complete the task and help you load your vehicle onto a tow dolly.

Being able to safely tow your personal vehicle behind an RV while taking a road trip can make it easier to explore various destinations along the way. In order to prevent damage to your personal vehicle during towing, take the time to check the tire pressure and disconnect the driveshaft before hitting the open road.

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