FAQ About Problematic Gears In A Semi-Trailer Truck

17 August 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Are you trying to figure out why the gears in your semi-trailer are problematic? There are several things that can lead to gears not working as they should, but the main concern is the automatic transmission. It is important for timely repairs to be made if the transmission is the root cause of the gear problem. This article answers a few of the questions that you might have in mind in regards to the gears.

How Can a Transmission Cause Gears to Malfunction?

An automatic transmission can cause gear problems when it is not in top shape. Basically, the transmission gives the gears power so you can move your truck forward and backwards. It is possible that you will need to get the transmission repaired, or buy a new one if it is about to stop working.

What Are Signs That a Transmission Is Going Out?

You can tell when a transmission should be replaced because one or more of the gears in your truck will stop functioning. For instance, you will likely be only able to drive in one direction, which is usually forward. Backing your truck up will not be possible anymore. If the transmission is able to be repaired, you might only notice delayed shifting of the gears, as well as a slight jerk when you are driving.

Can Other Truck Parts Cause Gear Problems?

The torque converter can lead to gear problems when in bad shape because it affects the transmission. Basically, the torque converter helps the engine function by sending it power from the turbine fan. The impeller fan is another part of the torque converter, and it sends transmission fluid to the turbine. If the torque converter malfunctions, the engine does not receive enough power to make the transmission work. You then end up with malfunctioning gears.

How Can a Mechanic Pinpoint a Gear Problem?

Being that there are so many areas of a semi-trailer truck that can affect the transmission, a mechanic might run a computer diagnostics test to pinpoint the problem. There is a part in your truck called a powertrain module, which contains error codes of possible problems. Your dashboard will be removed so the testing equipment can be attached to a part called the diagnostics link connector, which is how the error codes are obtained. Get in touch with a mechanic like Spring Suspension & Alignment Services who has the necessary skills for diagnosing and repairing gear problems in a semi-trailer truck.