3 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Auto Repair Technician To Work With

7 August 2016
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Looking to hire a reliable auto repair technician for your new vehicle? Here are a few things to consider when deciding who to work with:

Part and Service Warranties

It's important to make sure that any services your auto technician provides you with and any parts they put in your vehicle are backed by warranties. If a part or service has a warranty attached to it, you won't have to pay for updates, replacements, or repairs that are a result of faulty work. Ask each potential technician you speak with to provide you with a signed statement that clearly lays out what types of warranties are available for each service and basic vehicle part that they offer so you can compare them side by side and determine which service provider will offer you the best long-term protections.

Emergency Availability

You should be able to rely on your service provider in times of emergency and when unexpected service needs arise, so make sure that each auto technician you consider hiring can take your vehicle in no matter what time of day or night it is. Even if the auto shop itself isn't open, a tow truck should be able to safely leave your vehicle at the facility so it can be worked on first thing in the morning. Make sure that the facility provides security for your vehicle if it has to get dropped off outside of business hours. Look for a facility that has cameras covering the area where your car will be left, and provide tow truck drivers with access to steering wheel clubs that can be put in your vehicle before it's left alone for the rest of the night.

Transportation Perks

If you are left without transportation for a number of days due to repairs or upgrades being done, you'll appreciate being able to get around without spending a lot of money or dealing with scheduling stress. Make sure that the auto technicians you consider working with offer transportation perks to their customers if intended services will take longer than a day. Whether it's free bus vouchers, access to a discounted rental car that the auto shop owns, or shuttle services for work, any help provided for transportation while you are without your vehicle should help make life a little more convenient.

Making these considerations should help ensure that the auto technician you choose to work is trustworthy, fair, and reliable for years to come. Visit a local repair shop's website to continue reading more about this topic.