Questions You Should Ask When You Need Towing For Your RV In Texas

5 August 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Although there is no doubt that life on the road with an RV is a blissful existence much of the time, that bliss quickly evaporates when the RV breaks down. Since finding a company able to quickly come to your location and tow your bulky home on wheels isn't easy, it is a good idea to ask the following questions any time that this unfortunate situation arises.

How Do You Know Whether Your RV is Considered To Be A Heavy Duty Vehicle?

Although it is important to note that it is possible, as you leave Texas and drive through other states, that classifications may change, the state of Texas considers you to be a heavy-duty tow if your vehicle weight is at least 25,000 pounds. Since RVs can include travel trailers, pop-up trailers and bumper pulls, you may find that your vehicle needs a medium or even a light duty tow.

As a result, you should consistently be aware of the total weight of your RV, including your belongings within it, just in case an issue with it occurs.

How Much Will The Tow Cost?

If you are new to driving an RV, you may be surprised to learn that the cost of towing your RV is set at a maximum by the state, just as it is for your other vehicles. As of August 5, 2016, that figure is capped at a maximum fee of $459 per unit and you cannot be required to ever pay more than a total of $918 per single RV event. The drop fee will never exceed $229 per unit or event. The total drop fee per event cannot exceed $458.

The good news is that you may find that some towing companies charge less than those amounts. Therefore, you should make an effort to contact more than one towing company, unless you literally have no choice. For example, if your Recreational Vehicle has broken down on the highway or is posing a risk to other motorists, you may find that you must choose the first company that can tow your vehicle that you get a hold of. Delaying that decision could result in law enforcement of Texas making that decision for you.

In conclusion, it is not always easy to know how to choose the most appropriate towing company when you need a heavy-duty item like your RV towed. Fortunately, you are likely to find that asking the above questions can make the process a bit easier. Talk to a service like Parkway Wrecker Service for more information.